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Moving to Streaming – a comment on the Lefsetz letter *updated*

This post was taken from a blog entitled “The Lefsetz Letter” written by Bob Lefsetz, music industry insider. He basically says that Spotify is going to take...


Case Study: 3Oh!3

  This is a post (edited) taken from the Music Think Tank blog. The link for the post is: http://www.musicthinktank.com/blog/diy-promotion-songwriting-and-pricing-w-3oh3.html   3Oh!3 is worth studying because –...


How to play the chords to Party Rock Anthem

Record Labeldom

Record Labeldom

It is our believe that every artist should have their own record label. Musicians have to be entrepreneurs these days, so this website is designed to help...


Fundraising for albums – what’s your opinion?

Recently, artists began creating Kickstarter and fundraising websites for their album projects. The concept of fundraising and websites like Kickstarter have been a godsend to the artistic...


WordPress Plugin Review: WP-Customer-Reviews

  Let’s say you want to create an completely interactive website, with places for people to review your music and leave comments. Well, WordPress is an awesome...

Amazing Amazon 5GB storage!

Amazon Free 5GB Music Storage

Many people want to host their music or podcasts online, but don’t want to have to pay for a hosting service, or bandwidth charges. Well, here’s one...

Marketing Lessons from KISS

Digital Distribution Comparison Chart

ReverbNation is now a distribution tool

With all the different websites offering services to musicians, it’s difficult to keep them all straight. One website that has caught my eye is ReverbNation, or http://reverbnation.com....

Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra - Alone Together

New Artist added!

Welcome to our newest addition to the Record Label 101 family. It’s official – Brent Birkhead is the first artist to to benefit from this new record...