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Harmonics and Waveform – Part 1

What Really happens to a cymbal when you hit it… How to tune a guitar with natural harmonics Piano String Harmonics and Chords and just for fun…...

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Frequency and Amplitude

Non-Newtonian Fluid on a Speaker Non-Newtonian Mass from 100Hz to 1Hz How to Make Non-Newtonian Matter (feat. soundtrack to 1958 horror film The Blob) And the trailer...

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Physics of Sound – Part 1 – Waves

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How to Make it in Music: a New Business Model

Well, with the success of Nataly Dawn’s Kickstarter, a new business model for independent musicians has been born. Not all musicians are this successful, mind you, but...


Comparison of Music Access Services

Spotify, Mog, Rhapsody, Rdio, Grooveshark – they’re all fantastic services, but which one is best? Personally, and this may sound a little demanding, but I’d like to be...

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How to Create Gigs

This post isn’t about how to get shows or gigs that already exist, like getting into a festival or into an established venue for your genre. This...


Mixcraft File Structure


Feist Case Study

Feist is putting out an album, and the way she is promoting it is to put up little video snippets of her music. Check it out at...


If you want to waste hours of your time…

First saw this on tumblr – now I’ve got to the source – way cool! http://www.sembeo.com/media/Matrix.swf


Intro to Mixcraft – Part 1 – Overview