Rdio is free!

Rdio is free now! Ok, so maybe not totally free like Spotify, there is a limit, but at least you can get a better quality sound and more...


SoundCloud attacked

Apparently @SoundCloud was subject to a DDos attack, or distributed denial of service attack. Basically someone overloaded their servers with requests. Does this mean that any personal...


What is the difference between audio interfaces, MIDI adapters, and mixers?

Audio Interfaces, MIDI Adapters, and Mixersby: jazztothebone Audio Interface Examples ProTools MBox Mini M-Audio Mobile Pre Tascam US-100 Alesis IO2 Express Examples of USB Mics that have...


Spotify from a Musician’s Perspective – Reblog from Musician Wages.com

Another reblog from Musician Wages:    If you haven’t yet heard of Spotify, it’s a music streaming service that’s been making headlines in music industry blogs over...


Band Merchandise Tips and Tricks – Reblog from MTT

From Music Think Tank blog, at http://www.musicthinktank.com/blog/band-merch-101-what-to-make-how-to-make-it-how-to-sell-it.html Great article, Rob Dix! One thing he left out, SoulBlendr is a new service that links bands to artists for...

howard bloom

Howard Bloom on the Music Industry

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A record label I can believe in….

SonicAngel. It’s like Kickstarter on steroids. It allows the artist to get funding but be able to focus on the music, while the label does the marketing/legal/sales/tour...


Harmonics and Waveform – Part 2

Youtube Video – Introduction to the concept of Harmonics Click below to hear the fundamental and first 8 harmonics of the A note.  Harmonics Track When a...


Case Study: SBTRKT

Quoted from: http://www.complex.com/music/2011/07/in-his-own-words-who-is-sbtrkt-final/studio#gallery SBTRKT: “I use Logic for most of my recording. I did [my album] in my living room. Even all the vocals were recorded there. Just...

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Case Study: Ani DeFranco

Ani DeFranco started her own record label at the age of 18, pressing her own CDs and selling them at her shows. She now runs a very...