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Pretty Lights has success with freebies

From Hypebot: http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2012/01/case-study-pretty-lights-bittorrent-partnership.html?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzEmail&utm_campaign=0&utm_content=395530     (UPDATED) Guest post by Michael Fiebach (@mfiebach), founder of Fame House, who coordinated a unique partnership between indie artist Pretty Lightsand BitTorrent to release a customized media bundle.  When Pretty...


Songs in Code

From Bobby Owsinski’s blog, http://bobbyowsinski.blogspot.com/2012/01/if-songs-were-programmed.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BobbyOwsinskisBlog+%28Bobby+Owsinski%27s+Blog%29 The lyrics for Hey Jude. So simple, yet the longest running #1 beatles song and one of the most popular songs of...



Before you go making decisions, get the facts. Read the bill here. (SOPA) http://judiciary.house.gov/hearings/pdf/112%20HR%203261.pdf American Association on Independent Music’s opinion here: http://a2im.org/news Courtney Love’s rant on piracy...


3D Printing

This is really cool. 3D printing is a new techology that allows you to create anything with just a printer. Sort of like the Star Trek replicator....


How Pink Floyd made “Money”

I love how they show you the tracks with/without the effects (delay, reverb, and more). Thanks to Bobby Owsinski’s Blog for introducing this to me. http://bobbyowsinski.blogspot.com/2011/12/making-of-pink-floyds-money.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BobbyOwsinskisBlog+%28Bobby+Owsinski%27s+Blog%29  


15 New Artistic Revenue Streams

Repost from Hypebot: http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2011/12/15-indie-artist-revenue-opportunities-for-2012.html   15 Indie Artist Revenue Opportunities for 2012 [BEST OF HYPEBOT] Indie artists are making money in all sorts of ways, often by combining...

How to get that “Radio Voice”

How to get that “Radio Voice”

A nice example of how to use a combination of compressor/limiter/gate to get that “radio voice” http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-Use-Sound-Compression-158091398


Have you ever bought a ticket from ticketmaster? If so, you can get some money back.

Another repost from Hypebot: http://www.typepad.com/services/trackback/6a00d83451b36c69e2015437bc0665970c If you used Ticketmaster‘s website to buy tickets between October 21, 1999 and October 19, 2011, you’re likely to be eligible for a refund....


A new type of record label…

A repost from Hypebot at http://www.typepad.com/services/trackback/6a00d83451b36c69e2015393ff6cbb970b Jay Frank has created a new model record label called DigSin. This particular record label gives all its music way for...


Banana Shoes

I think I like.